Starting an Internet Writing Business

The easiest way to earn fast cash on the Internet is to perform a service like website development, programming or writing.  While creating websites and programs require technical knowledge that may take some time to learn, writing website content is relatively easy. But not just any content will do—you need to learn how to provide optimized website content.  If you’re serious about starting a business in writing SEO content, SEO Content Coach is the fastest way to learn it.

What is SEO content writing

All websites need fresh, unique and quality content regularly to draw visitors and potential clients.  To do this, a website needs to appear in the top results of a search engine’s results pages.  This is a continuing challenge for everyone because there are billions of pages competing for the same rankings daily, thus the need for SEO content writing.  When a website’s contents are optimized for search engines, its chances of ranking well are increased tremendously. If you can provide this type of service for clients, you can position yourself as a SEO content specialist and charge a premium for it.

Learn  SEO content writing 

There are many ways of learning SEO writing. You can do this by spending months researching and reading up about it online, often with dismal results or you can find a SEO Content Coach to show you the ropes directly. 

 Background of SEO Content Coach 

If you sign up for the SEO Content Coach, you’ll have access to all the resources and techniques used and developed by in-demand Internet writer Kerry Finch. 

Kerry started out as a freelance part-time writer like most content providers.  All she had when she started was a passion for writing and the mindset to succeed and of course, a good mentor who is himself a successful Internet marketer James Schramko.   Putting together all that she has learned from her mentor and her writing experience, Kerry was able to develop and use to her advantage a system for writing and creating quality SEO content. 

 What it includes 

This comprehensive guide for SEO writing includes the following:

  •          a tutorial which will teach you how to turn a poor article into a great one
  •          step by step instructions to transform one great article into many unique articles
  •          instruction on where and how to distribute articles
  •          information on how to use articles to drive traffic
  •         guidance on the best use of keywords
  •         knowledge on using articles to unlock profits
  •         and many more.

 Undeniably a short cut to learning SEO content writing, the SEO Content Coach is easy to follow and ideal for Internet business consultants, internet marketers and content providers as well.


One response to “Starting an Internet Writing Business

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    I am now a full-time freelancer, working through Online work has given me time flexibility that I did not get while working for a multi-national firm for seven years. And it has provided more than enough for my family’s needs with lesser hassles.

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