Where to Find Online Work

Free lance writers, web designers, programmers, virtual assistants, transcribers and other outsourcers are generally referred to as providers (of services) in the online job market.

While there are many websites that match Buyers with Providers, my favorite site is Elance (but a fellow online professional also highly recommends Odesk.com) Do check these sites and read up about it first before signing up. 

More about Elance.

Over at Elance, you will have to choose what type of service you intend to provide upon registration.  This choice is important because the free membership does not allow you to bid for projects posted outside of your chosen field.


Yes, service contracts are awarded after a buyer accepts your bid.  The prices quoted are in US Dollars and you may have to consider the service fee deducted by Elance (which I like to view as the job agency) before fixing your bid price.

It takes a little getting used to and initially, I recommend that you make a quick survey of the current asking prices before trying one of your own. 

A young working student from Southern Philippines has been successful at it and her earnings to date from Elance is at a little more than USD6K! And she works from home!

What you need.

You’ll need the following to start working online at Elance:

  • a computer or laptop
  • internet connection
  • PayPal account connected to a debit card (to receive payment)

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