Understanding the Benefits of Video Marketing and Optimization for Business

It’s no secret that search engines rank websites based on their contents.

A site can present three types of content: text, audio and video. 

Among the three, video content is undoubtedly the hottest and most effective optimization phenomenon to hit cyberspace as YouTube viewing is said to have replaced the porn habit. In business, video has a huge impact on traffic generation and sales conversions making video marketing and optimization a necessity for business.

Why adding videos can help your site

Visual appeal

The human eye is attracted to moving objects which is why most people prefer to watch a video than to read its transcribed version.  Videos engage the audience to hold their attention longer, increasing website stickiness—a desired quality that is said to exist when your visitors remain glued to your web pages. 

Better search rankings

Combining video with relevant text content and sitemap generation boosts search rankings tremendously.  Google loves this type of content and even recommends this video marketing and optimization strategy to make it easy for search engine bots to find your website.  Tip: When creating a video sitemap for your website, save it in XML format, add it to your website and submit it manually to search engines like Google.

Increase sales

A study among some top online retailers suggests that using videos to promote products can result in higher conversions of visitors to buyers, boosting sales by more than a hundred percent.  This is why expert Internet marketers strongly suggest adding videos to freshen up your website this year.

Create awareness

You don’t have to be a retail site to make the most out of videos. A video is a powerful marketing tool that can be used as well to increase awareness for your business, company or products.  Some companies also use online videos to test a new ad’s effectiveness before launching it on TV, which helps reduce costs and advertising errors.  Adding online tools that allow your audience to share videos in social networking sites will help make content viral, which improves marketing campaigns.

Depending on what your business goals are, there are many video types to choose from and endless variations of the following:

  •           funny or humorous
  •           information or instructional
  •           demonstration
  •           testimonial
  •           commercial
  •           documentary
  •           interview
  •           artistic or performance
  •           inspirational and
  •           short films


Videos are here to stay as Internet marketing experts foresee the continuing popularity of this content format.  Not just any kind of video will do.   Careful planning and a well thought out strategy for video marketing and optimization should precede any production. 

If you’re great at creating videos, you can do this on your own; otherwise, you can always outsource the task to a specialist.


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