Using Newsletter Creation and Optimization to Improve Business

As businesses continue to cope with the global economic recession, newsletter creation and optimization services remain indispensable among Internet marketers because the email message continues to be a popular yet inexpensive tool that boosts search engine rankings, site traffic and ultimately– sales.

What is an email newsletter

Internet users are generally turned off by hard sells and obvious sales pitches and are most likely going to delete an email with a clear sales title even before opening it.

What they do love is receiving small chunks of useful information in a friendly format like that of a newsletter. As a variation of the sales letter, its magazine look is attractive, entertaining and engaging without exerting pressure on the reader.

How you can benefit

Email newsletters are a great way to:

  •           promote company, brand and product awareness
  •           establish trust and foster good relationships with customers
  •           maintain regular communication with clients and prospects and
  •           collect email addresses of potential clients


Tips for Creating and Optimizing

Use pre-designed HTML templates

You don’t have to be a computer expert to create your own newsletters.  There are services and applications that allow you to use templates for attractive and professional looking forms.  

Choose a service provider (like Aweber)  that allows you to use any of its ready-made HTML templates so your readers can click on links strategically positioned at various parts of the newsletter.  Tip: Add an opt-in box to collect email addresses and social bookmark options to enable your readers to share your content with others.

Automate delivery

An automated delivery service makes it easy to send your messages regularly to a large number of contacts so you stay in touch with buyers and clients.  With automation, you can also create your messages ahead of time, program their delivery at a later date and forget about them in the meantime.  

Some services even allow you to group contacts in your database and send different newsletters to these groups and at various times as well.

Add sign up forms

List building or growing a database of email addresses go hand in hand with email marketing.  Do this by adding a sign up form in your web pages to capture the email information of your site’s visitors. 

Testing is extremely important in email or newsletter marketing. You’d want to make sure that the messages you send are readable in most email platforms.

Finally, if you’re going to use an email distribution service, look for one that guarantees deliverability so your newsletters can reach your target audience and don’t get flagged as spam.


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