Why You Need SEO for Small Business

The Internet is no longer the playground of corporate heavyweights and retailing giants.  It IS now possible for small players to compete with big businesses using a website and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Having your own website is not enough.  You need to constantly work on your site’s visibility on the Internet so that your potential customers and clients can find you among the millions of web pages existing on the Web, for which you will need strategies in SEO for small business.

An estimated 85% of website traffic comes from search engine referrals.  This traffic is also where most of your customers and clients come from. 

Ask yourself this:  When you do a quick search using keywords related to your business, does your website appear in the top results or even show up in any of the results pages at all? 

Due to fierce online competition, getting top search rankings is a continuing challenge for many businesses, both big and small.

Why you need SEO

While search engines are generally secretive about the criteria they use to index and rank websites, their systems are logic-based which SEO specialists have been able to figure out. 

SEO strategy consists of various techniques, the sum total of which contributes to a website’s visibility on the Internet.  These include the following:

Reciprocal linking:  Search engines use an automated program (search engine bot) that “crawls” or goes around the Internet viewing content.  Getting other websites to link to yours increases its chances of being found by these search engine bots.  A good way of getting additional links is by contacting other webmasters and asking them to exchange links with you.  Ideally, you should link only to sites with related content that are also relevant to your visitors and which contain the same target keywords.

Content creation:  Search engines love, love, love (emphasis supplied) fresh, unique, relevant and useful content.  Feeding your site with quality content regularly is one of the natural ways of increasing your site’s visibility and search rankings. Provide this on your own or get someone to do it for you.

Site optimization:  Your website should also appear in a format that is readable to the search engine bots. This involves presenting content, words and the site’s structure in a certain way that makes it easy for the crawlers to find your site and its contents. 

The Internet continues to grow at a fast pace with an estimated 2 billion Internet users going online worldwide to find something with the help of a search engine.  Using the right strategies in SEO for small business allows you to survive and compete with the bigger and more established names in your industry.  Don’t leave SEO to chance and let a specialist do it for you.


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