Using Webinars for Business

While home-based consultants and Internet marketers have been able to work from home or anywhere in the world using Internet technology, they still needed to step out of cyberspace to be able to meet clients, attend conferences and networking events to market themselves regularly.

Thanks to the Internet,  it is now possible for you to “meet” a large group of people without having to leave the comfort of your home via a recent Internet tool called a “webinar.”

What is a webinar

A webinar (presumably a contracted form of the words “web seminar”) is the electronic version of a conference or gathering of three or more people online for a meeting, training, or presentation using Voice Over IP technology or VOIP. 

This same technology allows real-time voice conversations to take place on the Internet and outside of the traditional telephone networks.

Webinar services are now available either as a downloaded application or as a web-based application that attendees can use by following a link provided in an email invitation.  Use of the service has been initially confined to the corporate world where boardroom meetings take place across different time zones and in the medical profession.  Skype has a free and basic version while the paid version of GoToMeeting is more sophisticated allowing a group of people to talk and view documents in a common screen during the meeting.  This is how my US based clients and I “meet” to discuss and review company documents online.  It’s a cool application that saves time and money for businesses.

Use a webinar to:

  •          sell products and services
  •          train outsource staff
  •          teach members of a community
  •          create content for membership sites
  •          conduct small business webinars for research 

You should include webinars in your Internet marketing tool box because it has the ability to reach a massive audience without traveling around the world, promotes interaction unlike one-way videos, and can be leveraged for additional sources of income.


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