Expert Tips on How to Monetize Your Website

So you finally have a website but you don’t know how to make money from it or attract more visitors to it.  In Internet marketing, creating a website, no matter how impressive it looks, is not enough.  You need to optimize it to make it visible to search engines and entice your visitors to do something that translates to cold cash or profits for you. 

Internet marketing experts have revealed how this is done.  Here are some of their tips:


Add quality content

On the Internet, content is king.  Content that is unique, fresh and useful will drive traffic to your sales page or website.  There are various types of content:

  • articles
  • blogs
  • videos
  • how-tos
  • audio clips


You can either create your own content or buy content from outsourcers. Most site owners often start by writing their own content but eventually pay others to do it for them as their businesses grow.

Post videos

People prefer to watch and listen to videos rather than read a text version of it. This is why pages with videos often rank very well in search engines.  Experts suggest that you learn how to make your own videos using a digital camera that is set to ‘movie’ mode or by putting together a slide show using PowerPoint.  To attract visitors to your site, make sure to add links around the video or display your site’s website address as a watermark in the video or slideshow.

Create a blog

Another way to generate interest on your website is by first establishing yourself as an authority on something.   Provide helpful articles and tips to your readers to gain their trust and confidence.  Eventually, you will be able to recommend products which they can click on and reach your sales page or your affiliate’s website. 

Expert tip: Add 6 tags for each post and use the right keywords to boost search rankings quickly.

There is no magic pill for optimization.  SEO strategy involves a combination of techniques that must be continuously applied, tested, enhanced and modified to adapt to changing Internet technology and online consumer behavior.


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