Website Tools for Internet Marketing

Internet technology is a godsend for many business owners who are looking for inexpensive ways to market their products and services.  Many tools and applications can be automated so once you set them up to operate on your website, you can forget about them and focus on other aspects of your business.

Here’s how you can use the Internet for business:

Add a contact form

A contact form is a website feature that collects important information from site visitors and potential clients.  When used in combination with email marketing, a contact form allows you to build a huge database of prospective clients that you can send periodic email offers and other product or business information.

Promote your company

Your website puts a face to your business in the Internet.  How it appears to the viewer is as important as your company image.  This is why it is important to invest in good website design if you intend to use your site as a showroom.  Here you can display images of your products, allow magnified views, show detailed product descriptions and more importantly, all your contact information.

Study your market

People with shared interests tend to gather in groups online.  You can easily find them in discussion forums and social networks and listen to their gripes and comments.  From these discussions, you will be able to gather important consumer data that would have cost you a fortune to obtain from traditional research firms.

Launch massive marketing campaign

Online marketing to a large audience can be made simple and easy with tools like autoresponders to help you.  All you will need are:

–          an Internet connection

–          an email account and

–          an autoresponder

An autoresponder is a program which automatically generates a response via email when it receives information.  It has many uses in online marketing including sending out multiple email sales letters aimed at different segments of the market.  This feature allows you to craft different sales letters which assume different tones and emphasize specific selling points that appeal to certain groups.  You can also change your marketing message any time without spending much for it.


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