Why you need a good landing page tool

Creating web pages is so much easier these days with web design tools and templates that a non-techie can use. Even a child can create a fantastic looking page in no time. Most site owners, however, neglect the basic goals of web pages, particularly single-page websites that are better known as landing pages.  A landing page is a special web page where your potential clients land after clicking on an ad or search result.  It serves a number of commercial uses such as sales, referrals, lead generation and site testing.  Your net profits, therefore, greatly depend on the landing page tool that you use.

What a good landing page tool should have


Search engine optimization

Marketing studies suggest that most online buyers begin their buying process using a search engine. Search engines drive traffic to your landing page.  Your landing page should be visible and rank high in search engine results pages to generate site traffic.  A good landing page tool should be able to optimize your web page using data found in your page title, headline, keyword meta data and page description. 


Website analytic options

The effectiveness of your ad or sales campaign can be measured by website tracking tools.  Analytic tools present useful data about your site’s visitors, keywords that were used to find you, your site’s referrers, number of clicks and other captured information about your site’s visitors.  Website analysis is used to develop and improve business strategy or to test a web page’s new look before embarking on a massive and expensive website overhaul.


Your site’s visitors are only one click away from leaving your landing page.   Speed is crucial in an internet business: download times, automation, systemized processes, and web page development.    A good landing page tool should help you create landing pages that load quickly onscreen to hold the interest of your visitors.  

The secret to wealth creation is in having multiple income streams or landing pages.  A good landing page tool should allow you to create several landing pages the fast and easy way. 

Finally, a good landing page tool should provide you with options to incorporate a call to action at various parts of your page.   

A ‘Buy Me’ button at the beginning of your page will capture impulsive buyers and those who already know about your product while similar buttons appearing at strategic sections will make it easy for discerning buyers to buy from you without having to search for these purchasing options.


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