Boost Conversions with a Good Landing Page

A landing page is extremely important in internet marketing as it is the page where your potential client makes the decision to buy your product or to do any other action you suggest.  Creating a good landing page can be tricky as not all pages lead to sales.  In order to generate a sale from your landing page, you need to craft it in a particular way.

Successful landing pages have the following attributes:

Fast loading time

It only takes a few seconds upon reaching your site for your visitor to decide whether or not to continue viewing your page. Graphics and fancy tricks may wow your audience but may also seem forever to load onscreen.  Internet users will most likely abandon your site if it takes more than a few seconds to see what you have to offer.  Don’t let your potential buyers slip away and create a landing page that loads quickly.

Search engine friendly

Your landing page should be visible to search engines and rank high in search results to draw visitors.  Search engines rank web pages using words that appear in page titles, headlines, keyword meta data and page descriptions.  The right words in these fields increase your chances of appearing and ranking high in search engine results pages.

Good sales copy

Your landing page should mimic a good sales letter.  It must be brief and answers questions of who, what, why and how.  Specify who stands to benefit from your product, what your product is, why your customer should take your offer and how they can purchase or participate in your offer.

Name capture form

A sizeable mailing list is a great asset in marketing.  While you may not be able to turn all your site visitors into customers, you can collect email addresses of non-clients and develop these into a contacts database that you may use someday.  A free newsletter subscription is a great way to gather email addresses while allowing you to build a relationship gradually with cautious clients.

Site tracking

Site tracking tools can teach you a lot about your market and viewers.  Choose tracking tools that can show you which keywords were used to find your site and which sites led your visitors to your page.  Site tracking helps you focus more on your web pages’ strengths and improve your site’s strategy.

Other items that can boost your landing page’s visibility include RSS feed, as well as privacy and terms of use pages. 

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