How to Earn More as a Small Business Marketing Consultant

Being a small business marketing consultant is just like any other business. While you may not be selling anything tangible, you still need to do your own marketing to increase your income and expand your reach.  In fact, experts recommend that you devote at least half of your time for finding new clients or projects to grow your business.

Boosting your income as a small business marketing consultant can be done in three ways:

  •           finding new customers
  •           charging more for your service
  •           getting more projects


Finding new customers

Said to be the most time-consuming and expensive way of growing a business, marketing your services should be a continuous activity.  It doesn’t matter whether you already have enough clients to take care of, because client attrition is always a possibility as well as increasing costs of operations. Get a referral, give out your business cards in social gatherings and send out business information and proposals to people in your contact list.

Raise your prices

Many consultants tend to undervalue their services hoping to get new accounts quickly.  By charging less, you inadvertently market yourself as less of an expert and give off the impression that the work you do is run of the mill. Seasoned consultants manage only a few clients but charge a good rate per service. This way, they earn more by working less with better results and get to focus more on each client.  A good formula would be to charge the same rate as other specialists in your field and a little more for skills that are in demand.

Get more offline projects

Most online consultants are into autoresponders, website development and SEO.  While these services provide good cash flow, business owners are willing to pay more for offline marketing activities.  Offline projects are also worth looking into because these often entail less work but bring immediate results to clients.   These include:

  •           direct mail campaigns
  •           putting headlines on ads
  •           adding upsells and cross sells for their marketing systems
  •           designing corporate giveaways


Maintaining the right mindset and winning attitude is important if you want to grow your business as a small business marketing consultant. This means constantly having to learn new ways of doing things, improving your skills and exploring new opportunities for earning. You can study a training course, attend a seminar, read a few books or follow a mentor, because in business, learning should be a continuing process as well.


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