How to Start as A Small Business Marketing Consultant

Small businesses make up most of the economy wherever you go and are in need of brilliant marketing strategies to fuel their growth.  Unlike large companies that have their own marketing departments, a minor establishment will turn to a small business marketing consultant for help. 

Almost anyone can be a small business marketing consultant.  Experience in a profession, job or business can be a source of skills or knowledge that you can tap for a consulting business. Getting started is easy because there’s little capital involved but you do need to consider the following to see if you have what it takes to be a consultant:

Goal setting

Success in consulting begins with a positive mindset and a desire to help others.  You’ll need this to set goals, make plans, and focus on them.  

Special skill or talent

It’s easy to offer a service that you’re good at.  If you’ve worked for a company before, take a look at your resume to see what activity you’ve been doing for years.  Consider your passions as well. Skills tend to be more advanced in the activities you love.

Organization skills

You should be prepared to practise time management when you’re on your own.  Unlike a day job, a consultant may have to spend extra hours to meet client deadlines and should know how to juggle schedules well.


While you may easily get one or two regular clients when starting out, you’ll need to expand that list through networking.  You’ll have to spend some time to attend gatherings like parties, social functions, and seminars where you can find new clients and strategic partners. Online, you can also make new alliances using social media and there is a technique for growing your social network as well.

Not everyone may feel that they have what it takes to be a small business marketing consultant.  You could have the skills but you don’t know how to market your services much less get your first clients. Nowadays, there are solutions and systems for almost any aspect of business.  A quick online search will reveal many choices.  If you want to learn new techniques, you can always sign up for a training course or coaching program. 

To get organised, invest in a system that keeps track of schedules, projects, things to do and other work details. And if you want to learn how to unleash social networking for your business, join some forum discussions where people in the same business exchange ideas on common issues.


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