List Building Tips for Internet Marketers

A huge database of email subscribers is a great asset in Internet marketing. With the right email strategy, you can convert the people in that list into buyers so that the sooner you start building it, the better it can serve you.

 Here’s what you can do:

  1. Collect email addresses from your site visitors whenever they buy something from you.
  2. Get non-buying visitors to leave their email addresses by offering free items as enticements.
  3. Publish good articles and add an opt-in subscription form to your website so that visitors can freely sign up if they like its content.
  4. Promote the free subscription or item with the same effort you would give an item that is for sale.
  5. Squeeze in your free offer and opt-in form after every article or site content.
  6. Get an autoresponder to send a Thank You note to your opt-in subscribers.
  7. Send emails regularly to the people in your list to maintain site awareness.

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