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Google Places SEO Strategy for Small Business

SEO is not a one-time solution for your website.  Getting top rankings and staying on top of search results is a constant challenge even for SEO experts because of changes in Internet behavior and the way the Internet’s top search engine views and ranks content.   Getting top organic listings used to be the main goal of SEO, then came indented listings, and of late, we have seen the supremacy of Google Places.  SEO strategists now maintain that it’s no longer enough for your website to appear in the organic listings.  If you want to get massive amounts of targeted traffic, you’ll have to add or claim your listing in Google Places as well.

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How to Make Money Online From Home

The Internet is still the best thing that ever happened to home-based businesses because it has changed the way business is conducted and how money can be made these days. No longer hindered by geographical limitations, anyone can legally earn money without leaving the comfort and privacy of one’s home just by going online.

To get started, you will need a personal computer or laptop, an internet connection at home and an online payment system. Your computer’s technical specifications may be basic or sophisticated, depending on the kind of activity you intend to undertake online. Choose one to suit your needs.

Aside from having a computer and a reliable internet connection, you will also need an online merchant account to be able to receive payment from your customers and clients. At present, most buyers trust PayPal. Signing up is easy and you will need a valid credit or debit card to register as a user.

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How to make money with affiliate marketing

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You may have come across the idea of affiliate marketing as you looked up ways to make money on the Internet but have no clue about how it works.  Without any clear understanding of affiliate marketing, you can either dismiss it as mere hype or some sneaky scam that may one day leave you empty-handed.

Truth is, many people have succeeded in making money by doing affiliate marketing and there are many more who failed to make a single cent out of it. As with most businesses, there is a learning curve that anyone should go through before experiencing results in affiliate marketing. If you persevere enough, you may just be one of those who can claim that there is a lot of money to be made in the internet. Continue reading

Top Businesses That Thrive in Recession: What Every Small Business Consulting Professional Should Know

Businesses with smaller budgets for marketing continue to rely on small business consulting professionals for outside help. But in the face of worldwide recession, who are the clients that need small business consulting?  Let’s take a look at some of the recession-proof businesses which may need your services.

Most surveys indicate that the following small businesses continue to thrive and even experience growth during a recession: Continue reading

How to Start as A Small Business Marketing Consultant

Small businesses make up most of the economy wherever you go and are in need of brilliant marketing strategies to fuel their growth.  Unlike large companies that have their own marketing departments, a minor establishment will turn to a small business marketing consultant for help. 

Almost anyone can be a small business marketing consultant.  Experience in a profession, job or business can be a source of skills or knowledge that you can tap for a consulting business. Getting started is easy because there’s little capital involved but you do need to consider the following to see if you have what it takes to be a consultant: Continue reading

Indented Listing for SEO

You may have noticed some search results appearing as double or multiple lists in Google but aren’t quite sure what these are.  These are known as indented listing.

Indented lists appear as two lists (also known as double listings): a regular search result on the top, followed by a second result that’s indented inward.

Search engines constantly go around the Web, view fresh content uploaded everyday and rank these accordingly.  When they spot two or more articles in one website that pertain to the same topic or carry the same keywords, these search engines respond by displaying the most relevant result first, followed by the linked pages.

Getting multiple indented lists on the top 10 results of search engines is much sought after because these can significantly increase the number of clicks and visitors on your site.  And there’s a technique for achieving this.  Here’s how: Continue reading

Internet Marketing Skills for Freelancing Jobs

I’ve always felt that the Internet was going to change lives, not just businesses ever since I got my first Internet connection in 1995. Back then, e-Commerce was synonymous to B2B or Business-to-business trading with only a handful B2C or Business-to-Consumer transactions, most of which were taking place in the US.

Today, the Internet has evolved into a huge marketplace bustling with almost every permutation of “doing business” that can be conceived.    If you think online business is only for buying and selling things, think again.  There is a silent but growing population that provides services to companies regularly.  Also known as “outsourcers”, “service providers” and “freelancers”, their biggest assets are skills that are not necessarily technical in nature as most of them can be writers, transcribers, virtual assistants and customer service assistants as well.

The following are just some of the skills you can develop or use to make money online without leaving the comfort and privacy of your home:

Article marketing

Google reportedly receives over 2 billion search queries each day making SEO (Search engine optimization) more crucial for businesses to survive. Undoubtedly one of the best SEO solutions that can turn any website’s content into a traffic magnet without sacrificing quality, article marketing combines SEO writing and advanced systems.  You can study it on your own or learn it quickly with the help of some Internet training like I did.

Video marketing

Search engines like Google love video content and rank them well. Learn how to create and post videos, integrate them with relevant text and optimize them for search engines. If there’s a single strategy for any website to adopt this year, experts believe that it would have to be video marketing. 


Domains can provide multiple income streams if you know how to harness them for business. A basic approach would be to acquire domains at low costs and resell them at higher prices, very much like real estate properties. Another exciting business model entails domain flipping—where you take a researched domain name, build a site, add content and optimize it to generate loads of traffic and then sell or rent it to a business that needs it for thousands of dollars. Domain flipping involves some work but following an effective system will cut down the process considerably while guaranteeing results.

Social media marketing

Unlike the one-way approach of traditional marketing, interaction is still key in Internet marketing. As social networks are a growing force in online business, you need to know how to integrate these networks and their applications to your website.  You can learn this on your own or join an online group that exchanges tips and ideas freely among members. Experiment with the options and features of Facebook and Twitter so you can get a feel of the interface as well.

Learn How to Make Money from Domain Buying

The economic slowdown affecting stock markets and most investment areas like real estate is actually the best time for investors to build their portfolio because selling prices are likely to be low. Profits come in later when the economy improves. Online, domain buying or domaining is the equivalent of land banking as you can buy domains at low prices and resell them quickly for fast cash or develop them into sites that you can then lease out or resell.

 What is a domain

 A domain name is the first thing an online business acquires when starting a website.  It is the electronic name you choose for it.  Domains are important because these are incorporated into the URL (Uniform Resource Locator), which is the address people use to find a site. 

 Domaining in a nutshell

 You can buy domains online from various sites like  These come in various suffixes like .com, .net, .org, .me, .info.  Only one owner is entitled to use a domain so that the first successful registrant has an exclusive right to use it as he or she pleases.  Oftentimes, however, a business may be interested in buying a domain that is already owned or used by someone else.  The only way for that business to obtain it is to buy the domain from its existing owner, usually at a price that is much higher than its acquisition cost. This is generally how people make money from domain buying. Now, imagine the profits you can make from reselling hundreds of domains.

 Domaining as investment

 Profit, whether short term or long term, is the main benefit of domaining.  It’s considered a smart way to invest if you think of the following advantages:

 Minimal cash outlay

 You can buy domains at  $8 or $9 a piece. Experts recommend investing in dot coms because these tend to sell well in the resellers market. 

 Fast cash

 Depending on the quality of a domain, you can turn around and sell it immediately for a quick profit to another who may find it relevant to his or her business. 

 Privacy and convenience

 Unlike traditional investments in stocks, real estate and money markets, you can buy and sell domains online from the comfort, privacy and convenience of your home.  No need for brokers or tedious documents.  A couple of emails to the right buyers are normally sufficient to close deals.

 While domaining may be an easy way to make money online, you still need to know the right techniques for buying and selling because not all domains will sell quickly.  The more profitable domain flipping also entails a combination of Internet marketing techniques like SEO. By learning how the art of domaining from experts, you can expect to increase your profits while minimizing your losses.

Where to Find Online Work

Free lance writers, web designers, programmers, virtual assistants, transcribers and other outsourcers are generally referred to as providers (of services) in the online job market.

While there are many websites that match Buyers with Providers, my favorite site is Elance (but a fellow online professional also highly recommends Do check these sites and read up about it first before signing up. 

More about Elance.

Over at Elance, you will have to choose what type of service you intend to provide upon registration.  This choice is important because the free membership does not allow you to bid for projects posted outside of your chosen field.


Yes, service contracts are awarded after a buyer accepts your bid.  The prices quoted are in US Dollars and you may have to consider the service fee deducted by Elance (which I like to view as the job agency) before fixing your bid price.

It takes a little getting used to and initially, I recommend that you make a quick survey of the current asking prices before trying one of your own. 

A young working student from Southern Philippines has been successful at it and her earnings to date from Elance is at a little more than USD6K! And she works from home!

What you need.

You’ll need the following to start working online at Elance:

  • a computer or laptop
  • internet connection
  • PayPal account connected to a debit card (to receive payment)

Arts and Craft? Sell at Etsy has been around for quite some time and is a marketplace for buyers and sellers of art pieces and anything handmade.  Items are varied: beaded jewelry, paper craft, friendship bracelets, headbands, and other accessories. Check it out and read the rules before signing up.