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Google Changes Algorithm–Again

Google officials learned how an online seller got top search rankings the unusual way– by generating sizeable negative feedback on its site, prompting yet another change in the world’s largest search engine’s algorithm.  Read more.


Business lessons from Barry Dunlop

Successful entrepreneur Barry Dunlop has done business in the real world and in the internet. Prior to his team-up with young internet buzz marketing specialist Dean Hunt, Dunlop owned a lead generation company for the home improvement industry.  He eventually met and joined forces with Hunt to start a buzz marketing website that offers valuable tips and techniques for generating unbelievable web traffic and profits. 

Having experienced success in both worlds, Dunlop’s thoughts about business are insightful.  In an online interview conducted by his own son, Michael, Dunlop mentioned the following:

Less is more:  With an online business, it is possible for you to make plenty of money even when you have little or no money at all.  The secret lies in buzz marketing which he and his partner, Hunt, teaches at

Winners are givers:  Dunlop believes that successful people should give back to society in order to receive more success.  Giving back need not be in the form of charity.  You can give of yourself to others by offering advice to inspire them to do the same.

Beware of energy vampires:   While Dunlop recommends you to share some of your time and wisdom to others who are struggling, he is cautious about being around people who use up most of your time feeding you with their problems which appear to be cyclical due to their own fault. These types go to you with the same problems even after you recommend a course of action because they are simply unable to do what needs to be done.  As you entertain them every time they seek your counsel, you waste your precious energy by dealing with the repetitive issues that seem to be unresolved.

Money energy attracts more money:   Dunlop repeats a line that he picked up from some of his readings, “The trick to money is to have some.”  He shares that he takes the money he earns from internet buzz marketing and invests it on properties and domain names. As a domain name investor, Dunlop purchased a lot of dot com domain names that he considers generic and valuable. He notes that the prices of domain names have dropped considerably making today the right time to buy as much domain names as you can.   He foresees that someone will need any of those names and want to buy it from you.

Take action:  It is not enough to know all there is to know about your business.  Dunlop insists that if you want to become the next success story in the internet business, you must take concrete steps towards your goal.

Internet Marketing Skills for Freelancing Jobs

I’ve always felt that the Internet was going to change lives, not just businesses ever since I got my first Internet connection in 1995. Back then, e-Commerce was synonymous to B2B or Business-to-business trading with only a handful B2C or Business-to-Consumer transactions, most of which were taking place in the US.

Today, the Internet has evolved into a huge marketplace bustling with almost every permutation of “doing business” that can be conceived.    If you think online business is only for buying and selling things, think again.  There is a silent but growing population that provides services to companies regularly.  Also known as “outsourcers”, “service providers” and “freelancers”, their biggest assets are skills that are not necessarily technical in nature as most of them can be writers, transcribers, virtual assistants and customer service assistants as well.

The following are just some of the skills you can develop or use to make money online without leaving the comfort and privacy of your home:

Article marketing

Google reportedly receives over 2 billion search queries each day making SEO (Search engine optimization) more crucial for businesses to survive. Undoubtedly one of the best SEO solutions that can turn any website’s content into a traffic magnet without sacrificing quality, article marketing combines SEO writing and advanced systems.  You can study it on your own or learn it quickly with the help of some Internet training like I did.

Video marketing

Search engines like Google love video content and rank them well. Learn how to create and post videos, integrate them with relevant text and optimize them for search engines. If there’s a single strategy for any website to adopt this year, experts believe that it would have to be video marketing. 


Domains can provide multiple income streams if you know how to harness them for business. A basic approach would be to acquire domains at low costs and resell them at higher prices, very much like real estate properties. Another exciting business model entails domain flipping—where you take a researched domain name, build a site, add content and optimize it to generate loads of traffic and then sell or rent it to a business that needs it for thousands of dollars. Domain flipping involves some work but following an effective system will cut down the process considerably while guaranteeing results.

Social media marketing

Unlike the one-way approach of traditional marketing, interaction is still key in Internet marketing. As social networks are a growing force in online business, you need to know how to integrate these networks and their applications to your website.  You can learn this on your own or join an online group that exchanges tips and ideas freely among members. Experiment with the options and features of Facebook and Twitter so you can get a feel of the interface as well.