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Google Places SEO Strategy for Small Business

SEO is not a one-time solution for your website.  Getting top rankings and staying on top of search results is a constant challenge even for SEO experts because of changes in Internet behavior and the way the Internet’s top search engine views and ranks content.   Getting top organic listings used to be the main goal of SEO, then came indented listings, and of late, we have seen the supremacy of Google Places.  SEO strategists now maintain that it’s no longer enough for your website to appear in the organic listings.  If you want to get massive amounts of targeted traffic, you’ll have to add or claim your listing in Google Places as well.

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How to Use a Squeeze Page for Internet Marketing

You may have heard of a squeeze page before but are not sure how it works.  Internet marketing experts use the squeeze page as a tool for growing their list of potential customers.  The squeeze page is a landing page or a simple webpage where all your reader has to do is to leave his name and email address in exchange for access to something of value.  This page is important because it is where your reader gives his permission to remain informed through email. 

Writing a squeeze page is easy.  All you have to do is remember a few basic things such as the following:

Offer something for free.

People love freebies and often think it’s a good deal to exchange email information for something useful that costs nothing. Offering a free course, an e-book, or other information product that they find useful often works for collecting email addresses.

Insert a squeeze page in various parts of your page.


Persuasion can happen at various parts of your web page so it’s best to grab the chance to collect your reader’s email addresses whenever you can.  To do this, you will have to break your sales letter into chunks of information and insert a squeeze page in between.

Inside the Mind of a Copywriting Genius: Copywriting Tips for Internet Marketers

Some people say that selling is a calling, something that may not be meant for everyone.  But this perception may already be outdated with the advent of Internet marketing where a sales pitch is often read rather than heard, making copywriting an indispensable skill that every Internet marketer should learn. 

There are salesmen and there are copywriters. The difference between the two lies in how the prospect is turned into a buyer with a copywriter using the written word to persuade his audience.  Among the sea of copywriters, John Carlton stands out as the most respected and most imitated, although he modestly denies that he is the world’s greatest copywriter alive.

With more than a decade of writing experience behind him and another ten years of teaching struggling writers his techniques, it’s easy to see why Internet marketing experts often turn to John for writing tips to boost their conversions.  And John does not disappoint his followers as he generously shares his writing style in seminars, information products and even in interviews. 

Here are some of John’s writing tips as revealed in one of his blogs:

Tell a story.

John’s work is characterized by storytelling which works because it entertains, drives the message across albeit subtly and moves readers to take action in the end.  For John, storytelling as a selling technique works better than neurolinguistic programming (NLP).

Video-Text combination

There’s some truth to the early 80s song “Video Killed the Radio Star” as MTVs and YouTube videos currently dominate media. John recommends that the best way to sell online is to combine a video sales pitch followed by text that contains your call to action.

Practise using email

While John maintains that there is no magic word that does the trick all the time, he recommends testing different versions of your sales letter using email campaigns.  A good formula to adopt would be to start out with some text leading to a URL for people to click on.  Suggesting that your email recipients click on a URL is more effective than letting them wait for a video or audio file to download as studies show that people abandon a page that takes more than a few seconds to start playing.

Finally, John recommends that every business owner, marketer and salesman must learn how to write his own sales letters because copywriting is a skill that you will constantly need and once acquired, can never be taken away from you.

List Building Tips for Internet Marketers

A huge database of email subscribers is a great asset in Internet marketing. With the right email strategy, you can convert the people in that list into buyers so that the sooner you start building it, the better it can serve you.

 Here’s what you can do:

  1. Collect email addresses from your site visitors whenever they buy something from you.
  2. Get non-buying visitors to leave their email addresses by offering free items as enticements.
  3. Publish good articles and add an opt-in subscription form to your website so that visitors can freely sign up if they like its content.
  4. Promote the free subscription or item with the same effort you would give an item that is for sale.
  5. Squeeze in your free offer and opt-in form after every article or site content.
  6. Get an autoresponder to send a Thank You note to your opt-in subscribers.
  7. Send emails regularly to the people in your list to maintain site awareness.

SEO tips for Video Sitemaps

While search engines like Google usually keep mum about their search criteria and leave most Internet marketers guessing, Google has made it clear that creating and submitting a video sitemap of your website’s contents will help your site’s rankings. Sitemaps contain files of your website’s content. It is a great SEO tool that experts use along with the following tips:

  •           Generate a separate sitemap for video content in XML format
  •           Use relevant keywords in the title, description, tags and surrounding content of the video.
  •           Add a thumbnail of your video.
  •           Add an expiry date and other restrictions for viewing.

SEO Starter Tip: Link Internally for Indented Listings

Indented listings appear as two or more search results with the most relevant content appearing first and then followed by another article found on the same website. This type of search result is desirable because it increases the number of clicks and visits to your website.

It’s easier to get indented or double listings on Google if you work at linking pages or posts in your website from the moment you build it.

Here’s how:

  1. Stick to a set of keywords for a topic or subject and use these all throughout your website.
  2. Create quality SEO content using those keywords and keep track of the URL’s or links in a separate file for future reference.
  3. Link articles together by matching their keywords either manually by entering the URL for each keyword or if you’re using a WordPress theme, by adding a plug-in called Smartlinks to do this for you.
  4. As you add more content to your website, creating more internal links to other related posts will result in multiple indented listings as well.


You’ll still have to work on getting quality SEO articles on your website to rank well.  You can do this by writing SEO content or by hiring a content provider. SEO, however, is only half of the challenge, because once you are able to generate substantial traffic for your website, you will also need to convert those visits into sales using killer copywriting techniques. With the right combination of SEO, internal linking and sales writing techniques, you’ll not only boost site rankings and drive traffic to your site, but you’ll be able to increase your sales and profits as well.

Boost Conversions with a Good Landing Page

A landing page is extremely important in internet marketing as it is the page where your potential client makes the decision to buy your product or to do any other action you suggest.  Creating a good landing page can be tricky as not all pages lead to sales.  In order to generate a sale from your landing page, you need to craft it in a particular way. Continue reading

2010 Trends for Search Engine Marketing

The previous year may have witnessed the rise of social bookmarking and social media marketing but optimized websites continue to dominate search engine rankings albeit with a few twists. Internet marketing experts with a keen eye for significant changes in Internet behaviour enumerate the following trends that business consultants including search engine marketing consulting professionals must be aware of: Continue reading

Indented Listing for SEO

You may have noticed some search results appearing as double or multiple lists in Google but aren’t quite sure what these are.  These are known as indented listing.

Indented lists appear as two lists (also known as double listings): a regular search result on the top, followed by a second result that’s indented inward.

Search engines constantly go around the Web, view fresh content uploaded everyday and rank these accordingly.  When they spot two or more articles in one website that pertain to the same topic or carry the same keywords, these search engines respond by displaying the most relevant result first, followed by the linked pages.

Getting multiple indented lists on the top 10 results of search engines is much sought after because these can significantly increase the number of clicks and visitors on your site.  And there’s a technique for achieving this.  Here’s how: Continue reading

Why you need a good landing page tool

Creating web pages is so much easier these days with web design tools and templates that a non-techie can use. Even a child can create a fantastic looking page in no time. Most site owners, however, neglect the basic goals of web pages, particularly single-page websites that are better known as landing pages.  A landing page is a special web page where your potential clients land after clicking on an ad or search result.  It serves a number of commercial uses such as sales, referrals, lead generation and site testing.  Your net profits, therefore, greatly depend on the landing page tool that you use.

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