Picked up a few tips from some Australian Internet marketing experts which are guaranteed to boost your blogs:

  • Link banners internally so that your visitors remain in your site while they are taken to a different page.  To do this, you need to adjust your links so that they open in a new window without leaving your site. 
  • Add audio and video to your posts as studies show that the eye is attracted first to a moving object on a web page. 
  • Give your blog a face lift as well with a fresh theme and changes on your side bar. 
  • Add “Recent posts” as viewers love knowing what’s new on your site. 
  • Register and get a gravatar or avatar containing your photo which will appear beside your comments. 
  • Another effective internet marketing technique is to add a “squeeze” after every post. While not all blog readers like it, web site analytics show that it boosts conversions nonetheless.

Top Businesses That Thrive in Recession: What Every Small Business Consulting Professional Should Know

Businesses with smaller budgets for marketing continue to rely on small business consulting professionals for outside help. But in the face of worldwide recession, who are the clients that need small business consulting?  Let’s take a look at some of the recession-proof businesses which may need your services.

Most surveys indicate that the following small businesses continue to thrive and even experience growth during a recession: Continue reading

How to Start as A Small Business Marketing Consultant

Small businesses make up most of the economy wherever you go and are in need of brilliant marketing strategies to fuel their growth.  Unlike large companies that have their own marketing departments, a minor establishment will turn to a small business marketing consultant for help. 

Almost anyone can be a small business marketing consultant.  Experience in a profession, job or business can be a source of skills or knowledge that you can tap for a consulting business. Getting started is easy because there’s little capital involved but you do need to consider the following to see if you have what it takes to be a consultant: Continue reading

How to Earn More as a Small Business Marketing Consultant

Being a small business marketing consultant is just like any other business. While you may not be selling anything tangible, you still need to do your own marketing to increase your income and expand your reach.  In fact, experts recommend that you devote at least half of your time for finding new clients or projects to grow your business.

Boosting your income as a small business marketing consultant can be done in three ways:

  •           finding new customers
  •           charging more for your service
  •           getting more projects


Finding new customers

Said to be the most time-consuming and expensive way of growing a business, marketing your services should be a continuous activity.  It doesn’t matter whether you already have enough clients to take care of, because client attrition is always a possibility as well as increasing costs of operations. Get a referral, give out your business cards in social gatherings and send out business information and proposals to people in your contact list.

Raise your prices

Many consultants tend to undervalue their services hoping to get new accounts quickly.  By charging less, you inadvertently market yourself as less of an expert and give off the impression that the work you do is run of the mill. Seasoned consultants manage only a few clients but charge a good rate per service. This way, they earn more by working less with better results and get to focus more on each client.  A good formula would be to charge the same rate as other specialists in your field and a little more for skills that are in demand.

Get more offline projects

Most online consultants are into autoresponders, website development and SEO.  While these services provide good cash flow, business owners are willing to pay more for offline marketing activities.  Offline projects are also worth looking into because these often entail less work but bring immediate results to clients.   These include:

  •           direct mail campaigns
  •           putting headlines on ads
  •           adding upsells and cross sells for their marketing systems
  •           designing corporate giveaways


Maintaining the right mindset and winning attitude is important if you want to grow your business as a small business marketing consultant. This means constantly having to learn new ways of doing things, improving your skills and exploring new opportunities for earning. You can study a training course, attend a seminar, read a few books or follow a mentor, because in business, learning should be a continuing process as well.

List Building Tips for Internet Marketers

A huge database of email subscribers is a great asset in Internet marketing. With the right email strategy, you can convert the people in that list into buyers so that the sooner you start building it, the better it can serve you.

 Here’s what you can do:

  1. Collect email addresses from your site visitors whenever they buy something from you.
  2. Get non-buying visitors to leave their email addresses by offering free items as enticements.
  3. Publish good articles and add an opt-in subscription form to your website so that visitors can freely sign up if they like its content.
  4. Promote the free subscription or item with the same effort you would give an item that is for sale.
  5. Squeeze in your free offer and opt-in form after every article or site content.
  6. Get an autoresponder to send a Thank You note to your opt-in subscribers.
  7. Send emails regularly to the people in your list to maintain site awareness.

Advanced Internet Marketing Training for Business

While startups normally fuss about creating their first website and establishing online presence, existing companies and businesses focus on revenue growth and developing new income streams for which they will need advanced Internet marketing training.  It is possible to learn new strategies and try the latest tools through self study but it could take forever to find the right combination of technology and systems which can increase your income tremendously. This is why seasoned Internet marketers choose to learn all they need to know from experts like them. They either attend workshops regularly or interact with fellow marketers at live events to gain new perspectives, learn the latest trends and make important alliances with others for business.


Adding videos to your website should be on the top of your to-do list this year.  Top online retailers reported how video content boost conversions and reduce abandoned shopping cart and product return rates. That’s not all—generating and submitting a video sitemap as well boosts site visibility and search rankings.  Learn how to create a video sitemap here.

SEO tips for Video Sitemaps

While search engines like Google usually keep mum about their search criteria and leave most Internet marketers guessing, Google has made it clear that creating and submitting a video sitemap of your website’s contents will help your site’s rankings. Sitemaps contain files of your website’s content. It is a great SEO tool that experts use along with the following tips:

  •           Generate a separate sitemap for video content in XML format
  •           Use relevant keywords in the title, description, tags and surrounding content of the video.
  •           Add a thumbnail of your video.
  •           Add an expiry date and other restrictions for viewing.

SEO Starter Tip: Link Internally for Indented Listings

Indented listings appear as two or more search results with the most relevant content appearing first and then followed by another article found on the same website. This type of search result is desirable because it increases the number of clicks and visits to your website.

It’s easier to get indented or double listings on Google if you work at linking pages or posts in your website from the moment you build it.

Here’s how:

  1. Stick to a set of keywords for a topic or subject and use these all throughout your website.
  2. Create quality SEO content using those keywords and keep track of the URL’s or links in a separate file for future reference.
  3. Link articles together by matching their keywords either manually by entering the URL for each keyword or if you’re using a WordPress theme, by adding a plug-in called Smartlinks to do this for you.
  4. As you add more content to your website, creating more internal links to other related posts will result in multiple indented listings as well.


You’ll still have to work on getting quality SEO articles on your website to rank well.  You can do this by writing SEO content or by hiring a content provider. SEO, however, is only half of the challenge, because once you are able to generate substantial traffic for your website, you will also need to convert those visits into sales using killer copywriting techniques. With the right combination of SEO, internal linking and sales writing techniques, you’ll not only boost site rankings and drive traffic to your site, but you’ll be able to increase your sales and profits as well.

Boost Conversions with a Good Landing Page

A landing page is extremely important in internet marketing as it is the page where your potential client makes the decision to buy your product or to do any other action you suggest.  Creating a good landing page can be tricky as not all pages lead to sales.  In order to generate a sale from your landing page, you need to craft it in a particular way. Continue reading