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How to Use a Squeeze Page for Internet Marketing

You may have heard of a squeeze page before but are not sure how it works.  Internet marketing experts use the squeeze page as a tool for growing their list of potential customers.  The squeeze page is a landing page or a simple webpage where all your reader has to do is to leave his name and email address in exchange for access to something of value.  This page is important because it is where your reader gives his permission to remain informed through email. 

Writing a squeeze page is easy.  All you have to do is remember a few basic things such as the following:

Offer something for free.

People love freebies and often think it’s a good deal to exchange email information for something useful that costs nothing. Offering a free course, an e-book, or other information product that they find useful often works for collecting email addresses.

Insert a squeeze page in various parts of your page.


Persuasion can happen at various parts of your web page so it’s best to grab the chance to collect your reader’s email addresses whenever you can.  To do this, you will have to break your sales letter into chunks of information and insert a squeeze page in between.


What is Outsourcing and How You Can Use It for Business

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As companies around the world strive to streamline operations and find new ways to cut costs without sacrificing quality of their businesses, the world OUTSOURCING has become a by-word that saved many businesses and jobs around the world.

What is outsourcing

Outsourcing is delegating or assigning tasks to another person or company.   It is often used to obtain services or products that do not form part of a company’s core business either to cut costs or to avail of the provider’s (worker) special skills.

In Internet marketing, outsourcing can be used for non business and business activities.

Why you should outsource

• Fast action

Time and skills are important aspects of every business. Doing things properly and quickly will make your business grow fast. While you may be tempted to do everything on your own, you could be spending more time on minute tasks that won’t generate revenues instead of doing things that generate cash flows.

• Get better quality

Multi-tasking can significantly reduce the quality of your output as you rush to finish one task after another. Oftentimes, certain tasks are best left to more experienced service providers like accounting work and contract drafting even when you can do them yourself.

• Rest and recharge

An overworked mind and body is going to burn out fast. Unloading some of your tasks to others even when you can easily do them on your own can free up some time for you to rest, unwind and recoup.

Outsourcing tips

• Get someone to do non business tasks

 Find someone to do your laundry, deliver your meals, or clean your pool. The time you save by not doing these non-revenue generating activities can be used to focus on marketing and selling activities which bring in cash flow.

• Outsource business activities

Growing your business means getting more work. By outsourcing tasks like content writing, website development and programming, you increase your revenues without having to spend more time working.

 • Leverage outsourcer’s skills

Human resource specialists transfer skills not by training every person in the company but only a few managers who take care of training those under their immediate supervision. The same principle may be applied in Internet marketing where you can guide one or two service providers and get them to do the same with several others. Ultimately, you can build a team of highly skilled outsourcers using only a fraction of the time it would take to train them all on your own.

Why you need a good landing page tool

Creating web pages is so much easier these days with web design tools and templates that a non-techie can use. Even a child can create a fantastic looking page in no time. Most site owners, however, neglect the basic goals of web pages, particularly single-page websites that are better known as landing pages.  A landing page is a special web page where your potential clients land after clicking on an ad or search result.  It serves a number of commercial uses such as sales, referrals, lead generation and site testing.  Your net profits, therefore, greatly depend on the landing page tool that you use.

What a good landing page tool should have Continue reading

Expert Tips on How to Monetize Your Website

So you finally have a website but you don’t know how to make money from it or attract more visitors to it.  In Internet marketing, creating a website, no matter how impressive it looks, is not enough.  You need to optimize it to make it visible to search engines and entice your visitors to do something that translates to cold cash or profits for you. 

Internet marketing experts have revealed how this is done.  Here are some of their tips: Continue reading

Why Your Offline Business needs Internet Marketing Today

The Internet’s increasing role in daily life has attracted more businesses online, including owners of offline businesses and professionals who ordinarily conduct their activities outside the Internet. With new applications being developed everyday, a website can now be used for to take care of business tasks such as the following:

  •          Market research
  •          Public relations
  •          Advertising
  •          Customer service
  •          Product information
  •          Product promotion
  •          Technical service and
  •          Intracompany communications

 Why you should be on the web

 Your competitors are online

You don’t need to surf the Web to see if businesses like yours are already there.  Worldwide stats show practically all kinds of business, trades and professions being presented in websites, a sure sign that the Internet is a good place to grow your business.

 Low cost 

The Internet allows you to advertise at considerably lower prices compared to TV and radio ads.  With Internet behavior now being likened to TV watching, a website can provide maximum exposure at less cost.  Email marketing, which is an electronic technique of direct sales marketing, costs next to nothing yet it yields the best results for many businesses. 

Open 24/7

An automated website can operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at no additional costs for staff and overtime pay.  This makes it easy for people from different time zones to check your company information and products without synchronizing watches. With an online payment system added to your site, you can even sell and receive payment while you sleep.

 Virtual storefront 

A website can be used to display company information, product catalogs and description for potential clients to browse in the privacy and comfort of their own homes. With existing tools for creating web pages, you can easily build a fabulous website with high tech features at a fraction of the cost for constructing a real shop.

 With all the economic benefits attached to having a website, it does not come as a surprise to know that an inestimable number of businesses operate on the Internet, ranging from electronic Mom and Pop ventures to capital intensive giants.  No longer viewed as an option, a website is now a necessity for any business that wants to tap a goldmine of potential clients.

 A common obstacle that offline businesses encounter is the lack of knowledge in Internet marketing.   Business owners need not tackle this aspect on their own. Your best option is to leave web creation and other online marketing activities to a specialist so that you can focus on other aspects of your business.